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Anguirus is a kaiju that features in TToR from time to time, featuring most predominantly in its beginnings. Anguirus is featured as a protagonist, never switching sides. He is known to be good friends with other characters like Fiery Carnotaurus, Godzilla, And Thor.

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Early life Edit

Anguirus was born somewhere and presumably lived a normal life. It is unknown if he had a parental figure or not, although in TToR it has been stated that his father was killed before he hatched. It is also unknown if he has siblings, since he never implies anything about the population of his species. At some point he met Godzilla, who became good friends with him.

Meeting the others Edit

At one point, Anguirus was awakened by nuclear explosions and went around seeing what the world had become, only to come across carno and learn how to be civilized. Because of this, he quickly became friends with almost everyone he met, save for a few people like carno‘s bad neighbor.

The first crusade Edit

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