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Jessica is a foxgirl created for TToR and appears occasionally throughout the roleplay. She is known to be a wife of Fiery Carnotaurus, And together they had a daughter named Kate. She is often portrayed as good, as she never takes the role as an antagonist as her morals tell her not to. She is a loyal companion of Carno’s and as such has become one of her creator’s personal favorite characters.

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Jessica was born on July 6th, and on the same exact year Carno was born. She would later meet Carno and quickly fall in love, resulting in her becoming his third wife. Since then they enjoyed many activities with the rest of the family including going on rides, to movies and even camping. She has also became pregnant with Carno’s daughter, who she gave birth to in the local hospital. They named her Kate and they raised her together with the rest of Carno’s family. When her husband was turned into a raptor, she didn’t recognize him and thought he had killed carno, not knowing they were synonymous, and believing he would attack Herrerasaurus as well, since the latter was close by. After Herrerasaurus managed to let Carno escape, she had parented Kate alone since she didn’t date, and was surprised when Carno came back to save her from The creep. The two stayed together and there were no hard feelings. She was the only one of Carno’s wives to stay with him after most of his other wives left him for various reasons, and the two continued to live with each other, their daughter, their pets and some of their friends.

Personality Edit

Jessica is a particularly sweet girl with strong loyalty to her husband and the rest of her family. She especially loves her husband Carno and her daughter Kate, who are her highest priorities. She enjoys reading and has taken up art and writing as hobbies. She has expressed that she doesn’t like it when parties are thrown as it stresses her out and annoys her. Overall she is kind and calm.

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Fiery Carnotaurus(husband) - Kate(daughter) - Jacob(stepson) - Ara(adopted daughter) - Ryan(son in-law) - Carlos(father in-law) - Cassie(Mother in-law) - Herrerasaurus(pet) - Proceratosaurus(pet) - Dryosaurus(pet) - Homalocephale(pet) - Phoenix(pet)

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Thor - Sif - Odin - Gavinrad - Blonde Foxgirl - Jim - Quetzalcoatl - Dr. Allostego - Jane - Carnie - Unnamed Snakegirl - Poseidon - Njörd

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The Dolphin - Tapir - James -

Trivia Edit

- Jessica is portrayed by Fiery Carnotaurus.

- Out of all of Fiery Carnotaurus’s canonical wives, Jessica is stated to be the favorite of her portrayer.

- Jessica’s existence is based off an experimental drawing that later became her canonical design.

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