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Arthur Vissarionóvich Stalin da Silva (or just Joseph Stalin) is a character present in various universes, but is more present in the Town of Roleplay. He is know to be allied with various characters, such as Fiery Carnotaurus , Colossus, and Loki.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Stalin's early life was composed of multiple studies of Socialism, Genetics and Biology. He was very respected by others. His parents status are unknown.

Meeting the people Edit

He moved to the Town to find his friends (He already knew everyone, but from other universes). He lived there always tending to his country.

B.O.Ws Edit

He started developing Biological Weapons, which he often calls "Pets". All B.O.Ws he made:

  • Colossus- A giant monster (bigger then any Kaiju or Titan), used to help destroy Mechagodzilla.
  • Indoraptor GEN 5- Secret stealth agents, used to perform operations on the Cane Union.
  • Soviet Dragons- Elite warriors used for special proceedures.

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