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Magni is a Norse god featuring in TToR as Thor’s favorite son. He is also the biological brother of Mothi, and the two have a rivalry together. He also has a half-sister, Thrúd as well as a stepbrother. He is an ally of the main cast due to the fact that his father is among their allies as well. He, along with his brother Mothi, are said to inherit Mjölnir after their father dies.

History Edit

Magni was born to Thor and Járnsaxa on Asgard during the Norse era. One day, after thor had gotten stuck underneath the corpse of a giant he had slain, Magni came to help him and so as a reward, Thor gave Magni a very valuable horse, which was a deed Odin wasn’t too happy with. Later, he would get a younger brother, Mothi. Soon after their mother died, their father remarried to Sif and so Magni got a stepbrother, Ullr, and a half-Sister, Thrúd. Later, he would say goodbye to his dad as the latter went to the town. He and Mothi would later visit the town and become permanent residents there after finding their father. Since then, they’ve had small involvement in some of the incidents that occurred.

Trivia Edit

- Despite likely being half-brothers in mythology, Mothi and Magni have the same mother in TToR.

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