Basic Information Edit

Ogres are a species of sapient humanoid creature used in TToR. They appear most commonly in medieval times, which was when they were at their most common.

History Edit

Ogres evolved at an unknown point in prehistory in Europe. They encountered early human civilizations in their range, and they would soon follow in forming civilizations. By medieval times, several rogue ogres formed groups of pirates, bandits and other criminals. One of these ogres was named Vindun Muno, who had many wives, all of which he forced to marry him. His favorite was an unnamed elf. Vindun also had a pet reptilian creature of an unnamed species. He crashed the wedding that Carkelius, DTRaptor, and time-traveling Cane and Millie were attending. He stole the princess as well as Millie. Luckily for both, by the time Carkelius, Cane and Thor arrived, they hadn’t been touched yet. However, Vindun was about to do Millie, causing Cane to lash out which in turn resulted in the ogre being out of the way for one of Thor’s surprise attacks. He then easily beat all three, but then both Barack Obama and a dragon arrived. Obama got the dragon to fight the ogre and the two monsters fell out of a window, got buried in ash, and remained preserved as skeletons. Three years later, another ogre took both Sakura and Nora, who were again time traveling, resulting in their half-sisters having to save them, but they were too late as the ogre was already done. Fiery Carnotaurus and Sucho came and killed the ogre. Many years into the future, ogres still exist but their numbers have dropped significantly. The chef of the realm Neoviniaa was living in for two years was an ogre, and she found herself so repulsed by him she refused to eat the food he made and had to be forcefed. Blonde Foxgirl was thrown into an ogre dungeon where two ogres had a go at her. An army of ogres served Loki in one of his plans.

Natural Abilities Edit

Ogres are very strong and durable. They’re so feared that many pirates and bandits find themselves working for an ogre. Ogres are also naturally good leaders, as many of them are leaders. An ogre was able to catch the hammer of Thor.

Trivia Edit

  • In general, ogres are controlled by Fiery Carnotaurus.
  • Derrick is said to be a descendant of an ogre.
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