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Rodan is a rodan that features predominantly in TToR in varying roles from hero, a villains pawn or a commentator. He is often associated with other kaiju like Godzilla, Behemoth, And King Ghidorah. Rodan has lately been featured less often and is likely resting in a volcano.

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Rodan was born in Mexico at some unknown time in history. Once he fully matured he would meet the first human civilizations once they first evolved and they would come to know him as Rodan, a fire demon. At some point the last ice age started and rodan went into hiding along with others of his kind and other kaiju species. Later, he was awakened by the sounds of kaiju activity during the first crusade and would come to be very helpful in the saving of Jane, the(at the time) girlfriend of Fiery Carnotaurus. He was also present at the wedding of the two where he nearly vomited when they made out on the stage. Rodan would later become the pawn of many large kaiju like Ghidorah, Skull devil, and Gigan. However, he was always easily subdued and would become loyal to the good guys again. Rodan has since then taken a liking to karaoke and brings his machine to parties often.

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Allies: Edit

- Fiery Carnotaurus

- Jane

- Surtur

- Thor

- Anguirus

- Jim

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